21st. Senior Luncheon

J.Melvyn Haggarty – Former President

It all started on October 19th, 2005, when a group of ‘senior’ members of the Old Grammarians’ Club met at Scotscraig House, inviting the legendary Miss Calvert as our first speaker. We have met twice a year since then in April and October. We come together on these occasions to meet friends old and new in a convivial atmosphere, and with a warming lunch, as we listen to a brief address by our Guest Speaker and often enjoy ‘home-grown’ music and entertainment from former pupils and even present school ‘talents’.

Our 21st. Luncheon on 26th.October was a special occasion being our 21st. Geoff Urie, Headteacher of Hermitage Academy, and ‘Class of 1976’, entertained us all with tales of Paisley Grammar and also of Hermitage. Brother Tom, of ‘River City’ fame, sang several songs ‘by request’ and led us all in the ‘Oriflamme’ to close the day. Sister Irene (Sutherland) joined us for the first time completing the Urie family presence. Joining us for this afternoon of music, laughter and memories was our new President, Faye Carruthers, who introduced herself to the attendees. President Emeritus, Nan Atherton, gave a vote of thanks to all concerned.

Earlier, Miss Lea Allan had presented Mrs.Marjory Mackellar with a beautiful bouquet to celebrate her 90th. Birthday. Marjory has been a Grammar pupil, teacher, Chief Invigilator, Old Grammarians’ Club President and Honorary Life Vice-President. There to lend support to his mother was Gordon Mackellar who, incidentally, had this special reunion with our speaker who was a close friend during their schooldays.

All those who attended the 21st. received a souvenir menu in the form of a scroll in homage to the iconic programme issued for the quatercentenary concert “Salute to King Jamie” in 1976. A collector’s item? The enthusiasm of all who attended this special day augurs well for many Senior Luncheons to come.

The Old Grammarians’ Summer Senior Luncheon – April 2016

J.Melvyn Haggarty – Former President

Nan Atherton welcomed almost 50 Members and Guests who enjoyed our Guest Speaker Eddie Frizzell who was introduced by John Armit who spoke of their times at PGS from P1 to S6. Eddie spoke of learning the values of study and discipline at the School which had prepared him for a successful career as a top civil servant. Head Boy Matthew Duncan and Head Girl Emma Maclean, chosen by their peers as winners of the Old Grammarians’ Club Prizes, were presented with a special ‘ex libris’ token by Mr. Frizzell. The handsome new Club Banner, designed by our secretary, Ross Brisco, made its first appearance at the Luncheon, having made its debut at the School Careers evening. Photos show the ‘Top Table’; a group of OG members; and our new Banner with Eddie Frizzell and Nan Atherton.

Our senior luncheons take place twice a year: in April and October.

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