Who Are We?

The Old Grammarians’ Club

Our club, which boasts almost 600 members across the world, had its beginnings in a school classroom! Yes, in 1928, The Old Grammarians’ Club was founded in classroom B19 of Paisley Grammar School. Its founders were if a generation which remembered all too well the horrors of the First World War – the ‘war to end all wars’ as it was mistakenly regarded. The Club was born of a need to ‘keep in touch’ beyond the school years, and support and promote the wellbeing and interests of Paisley Grammar School. As was expressed by former Club President, the late Enid McIntyre, it existed “to form a lasting bond of union among the former pupils of the ancient School whose interests it has ever at heart.”

There is still a great sense of belonging to the school, and there is no greater proof of this than to witness the pride – and the unashamed tear – as “Oriflamme” is sung by all who now and always call themselves Old Grammarians.


Two very popular club activities are the Golf and Curling Sections, and any planned reunions by members of their ‘Year Classes’ are encouraged and aided by the Club. 2012 marked the Curling Club’s 50th anniversary!.

Today’s Club

As it stands, the OGS currently runs at four events a year for its members; two luncheons, an Annual Gala Ball and an annual Halloween Celidh. These events allow the society to interact with is members and their contemporaries. The highlight of the year is always the Annual Gala Ball, where Grammarians past and present come together to dance the night away, while meeting old friends and making new ones. The Halloween Ball has been a new event introduced to the club’s calendar and proves to be most popular with all

The OGS’ Future

The society would mean nothing if it weren’t for the loyalty and dedication of our members. It is thanks to them that our events go from strength to strength, and that we can continue to contribute an Old Grammarians’ Prize to one of Paisley Grammar School’s Sixth Year pupils every year. We look forward to what the future brings for both ourselves and our members.